An award winning short film featuring GABBA

Written, Produced and Directed

by Midge Devitt & Cliffy Hormone


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Based on a true story, this short film chronicles the creation of our very own Discopunk heroes.

Frankensven und Ivangor (played by Stig & Phil) embark on a crazy hairbrain scheme that was to

shake the world. Miss this film at your own peril. Your life will never be the same again.


Frankensven........Stig Honda

Ivangor............Phil Smegma

Geeky.........Geeky Hormone

Anneky......Anneky Hormone

Bjöey..........Bjoey Hormone

Bee Bee....Bee Bee Hormone

Abby............Abby Hormone

Cinematography by Elke Meitzel

Lighting by Alvin Leong

Assisted by Laurent Betton

Set Design by Jackie & Judy

Make-up by Tammy and Sarah

1st AD & Graphics by Matt Baker Jones


27 October 2002: Culture Jam, Great Eastern Hotel, London E1

8 August 2003: The Portobello Film Festival, Westbourne Studios, London W10

21 August 2003: The Portobello Film Festival Awards, The Electric, London W10

9 January 2004: The Halloween Short Film Festival, The ICA, London SW1

25 January 2004: Shoot & Slice, The Buffalo Bar, London N1

Gimme, Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment At Midnite won the 2003 Portobello Film Festival "Short Film Award"


© GABBA 2006