Gabba Gabba

Mama Mia

Super Shock Trooper

The Pinhead Takes It All


Hej Ho Disco

Knowing Me Knowing You

Gimme Gimme Gimme (Shock Treatment At Midnite)

So Long

Rockaway Beach


Sing Sing (Like Joey Ramone)

(Hitch A Ride) To Waterloo

Knodbing Me Knodbing You

She's My Kind Of Geek

Hej Ho Disco

Me & Mama Mia

Voulez Vous Danser Avec Un Cretin

Hasta Manana in Havana

Surfing Queen

Fernando Es En Punk Rocker

The Pinhead Takes It All

He Is Your Brudder

Estupendo Choque Trouper

Gabba Gabba

Hey Ho, Vamos al Disco!


Va Todo a Pinhead

Ring Ring

La Playa de Rockaway

Conociendome a Mi, conciendote a Ti

Sheena esta una punk rocker

Dame Dame Dame (terapia del choque esta noche)

Hasta Manana en Havana

Espana Espana Espana


The Early Years...

Official & unofficial recordings of GABBA can be found if you look hard enough, but they are increasingly rare. A good place to look is Wimbledon Common where its rumoured that The Wombles are hoarding their own private collection. Wherever possible, we have tried to provide correct songwriting and production credits but we cannot be held responsible for any errors or emissions (oops, make that ommissions)
In mid 1990, Stig Honda forced Bjöey and Bee Bee to record a bunch of songs that they had found lying around. The result of these sessions was the now legendary 'I Can't Get Out of Bed' tapes. On these songs, Anneky, Bjöey's fiancee, and Abby, Bee Bee's financier, appeared as backup singers. Along with Geeky, the guitarist of no fixed hairstyle, this was the first time the five, that would later become GABBA, recorded together. After some interest from a Japanese record company, She's My Kind Of Geek was released in Japan and was an immense success. Meanwhile in Sweden, Hej Ho Disco was released and became a massive underground, overground (Wombling free) hit.
Due to the growing popularity of Geeky, Anneky, Bjöey, Bee Bee and Abby, they, along with mentor Stig Honda, were now conducting more and more press conferences and interviews. In one such interview, Stig was getting frustrated at continually referring to the five as Geeky, Anneky, Bjöey, Bee Bee and Abby, so he coined
the name GABBA.
The early demos were later re-recorded with Phil Smegma at The Mall of Sound in New York and became GABBA's unofficial first album, 'Missile To Malmö', now deleted and very very rare. Smegma even forbade the band from owning copies.


Making money, money, money...

Bjöey and Anneky were practically inseparable now, so much so that Bee Bee suggested that they enter the European Snog Contest. Unfortunately, he picked up the wrong application form and they suddenly found themselves in the embarrassing position of having to come up with a song for the Eurovision Song Contest. The result was Ring Ring which was basically Sing Sing (Like Joey Ramone) but with new lyrics by Neil Sedated. To a mixture of horror and surprise, GABBA finished second, which encouraged them to return to the basement to pen some new ditties.
Several months later, Phil Smegma marched the band at gunpoint back into the studio to lay down what was to become the now legendary LP, "Leave Stockholm". Receiving massive public & critical acclaim (some even dubbed them the New Wombles), the album charted in every continent.

Cashing in on their increasing international success, and following hugely successful tours in South America, GABBA release their complex 3rd album, the Spanish language "Tijuana Dance". However, the album was banned and withdrawn from sale after just 1 week for being "Anti-Establishment", due to some confusion over Bee Bee's appalling Spanish translations which inadvertantly accused the Queen of England of being a Nazi Stormtrouper (in a stupor, no less). It is unclear if the album will ever be released again.


life's a gas!

GABBA are also featured on the Canadian compliation "Life's a Gas! - A Tribute to Joey Ramone!", which is available on Amp Records from Ontario. GABBA contributed the song "GABBA GABBA".



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