GABBA exploded onto the scene in 1999, after being released from the Osaka Rock n' Roll High School, with a series of sensational live and broadcast performances.

The band featured on Steve Lamacq's BBC Evening Session with a blistering 15 minute unedited live set, the BBC TV show "Beat Room" and recorded a now hard to find and harder to buy exclusive set for BBC Radio Scotland's "Beat Patrol" show. GABBA were lauded extensively in the UK and European press, with fawning features in the likes of Mojo, NME, Time Out and more.

Live Shows proved riotous and ridiculous, and performances with the likes of Negativland, Rezillos, Chicks On Speed and more confirm GABBA as everyone's favourite band.

Look out below for a condensed history of the news and shows as they happened, first time around...


Past GABBA performances
October 27
Great Eastern Hotel, London
October 19
The Garage, London
August 28
Concorde 2, Brighton
July 13
 Bath Halls, Scunthorpe
December 21
The Castle, Tootin', London
October 19
World Mental Health Day, London
 November 25
Canal Museum, Kings X, London
June 6
Live Webcast, London Institute LCP
May 27
The Windmill, Brixton, London
February 24
George IV, Brixton, London
December 17
Aquarium, Old Street, London
December 14
Fierce Panda Xmas Party, London
December 13
Rough Trade Xmas Party, London
November 24
BBC Radio Scotland, Glasgow
November 23
BBC TV Beat Room Show, Glasgow
November 18
George IV, Brixton, London
August 27
MINK 333 Club, Old Street, London
July 31
The Free Butt, Brighton
July 29
George IV, Brixton, London
July 26
BBC Radio 1, London
July 17
The Grosvenor, Stockwell, London
June 10
George IV, Brixton, London


The news, as it happened...

Aug: Release of GABBA film "Gimme Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment". Wins Best Short Film award at London's Portobello Film Festival.

June: Anneky releases her debut solo album, "My Love, Doing Life", a pop/rock opera piece about life in prison. It is widely held to be a metaphor for her time in GABBA, and fails to chart anywhere except the Far East, where she maintains Goddess like levels of fame. She later disowns the recording.


Nov: Filming is completed on the GABBA film "Gimme Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment", in London. The shoot was complicated by the band's inability to remember their lines, and their inordinate time spent in make up.

May: BeeBee Queen releases his solo album "Standin' like a Super Trouper", and gains no chart placings, no awards and ridicule throughout the civilised world. Bee Bee vows to carry on, claiming he was "born ahead of his time."

Feb: Stig Honda grants his first (and so far only) interview, to a German music magazine. It becomes an instant sell out, although this is perhaps because Stig ordered his flunkies to buy up all copies.


Dec: Bjoey and Bee Bee perform with all-girl garage dance troupe The Actionettes.

Nov: GABBA sign an exclusive worldwide merchandise deal with renowned Italian designers DoKNeY & GABBAna.

Oct: The band perform a charity show at a Mental Hospital. Abby is admitted and kept in isolation for over a month.

Aug: The tribute to Joey Ramone, "Life's A Gas!" is released on Amp Records from Canada.

June: Bjoey stars in a nationwide Orange Juice advert, and Bee Bee kisses one of The Donnas.

May: Recording starts at The Mall of Sound on the new album. Titles laid down include "Rock n' Roll High School Band", "Wanna Wanna Wanna", "Me and Bee Bee and Bee Bee's Brudders" and "People Need Drugs"

Feb: GABBA's Spanish language album "Tijuana Dance" is released, and immediately withdrawn due to confusion over the lyrics and an alleged accusation towards the Queen of England. Bee Bee is spoken to questioningly by Police officers.

Jan: PAPA MAO MAO! opens to riotous reviews and delight. "It's a sell out!" cry reviewers. "So true!" replies Stig, cryptically.


Nov: Demos of the new album are found at Munich's "RekordFairen 2000" but are later proven to have been fakes, placed deliberately by Stig Honda. The recordings are infact of GABBA tribute band "Bjoey Again", over whom Stig maintains a controlling interest.

June: GABBA perform to over 600 eager fans, live on this new fangled "Internet", at a show in London.

March: German gossip mag "Das Gossiper" reports that all the members of GABBA have been killed in a plane crash. Fortunately, these rumours turn out to be Scheisse, and its later confirmed that the victims were infact JABBA, a diabolical French ABBA/Star Wars Tribute band.


Dec: GABBA see in the Christmas period, and see the End Of The Sventury with shows at the Rough Trade Party, The Fierce Panda Party and a nightclub with a swimming pool.

Nov: The band want the airwaves, and now they got them, as they go mental on BBC TV's "Beat Room" in Glasgow, before jetting off to record exclusive tracks and interviews for Radio Scotland's "Beat Patrol" show. Video and CD's of the event are sporadically released to record fairs by Stig Honda.

Oct: The band's first debut album "Leave Stockholm" is released, on Stigma Records. It's a HIT!, as it charts across Europe and North America, and see the band feted as saviours of Discopunk. And, indeed, as the inventors of Discopunk, too.

Sept: Mojo magazine runs a big article on the band.

Aug: Steve Lamacq off the Radio sees the band playing with themselves in a toilet, and invites them to his birthday party. But, as is the way with DJ's, his party is live on the Radio with 3 million people listening. GABBA rise to the challenge and perform on Radio 1, to red hot reviews.

circa-March: Stig Honda arrives in London on a single ticket from Osaka, with 5 large, body shaped crates in the cargo. Rumours of some kind of re-animation project begin to circulate, and just weeks later GABBA hit the stage for the first time.

All facts correct at time of going to press.



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